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Life in some situations may not be good, but it’s definitely worth living through. Whether it’s abuse, being bullied or anything, you can make it. There’s many people you can talk to such as a teacher, a parent - even if it’s not your own, or a counsellor at school if you have one. The police can always be involved and there are help phones you can call. Suicide is never the answer. I have personally had friends get so low on themselves they decided it was the answer. I’ve had friends in the hospital for many reasons and it’s not fun. It will hurt the people around you if they had to see you go. They care about you. Your parents, family, friends, teachers - they don’t want to see you go, just as you wouldn’t want to see them go. Life isn’t life without you in it. You were put on this planet for a reason. Sometimes in life we have to go through things to get somewhere. Just like we went through the things we did during our childhood to make it this far. Don’t let your past stop you from being who you are, but let it help make what you want in your future.
—Jeydon Wale (jeyyounit11)
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"bieber hair" comments all over again 🙈 

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Don't judge people period, okay?
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i know this is long…but hopefully it will help xo

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new main channel video :] x

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